Wednesday, 5 October 2011

A Gift Horse

No outings to speak of this weekend. I have been doing some sewing but more on that later.
A couple of weeks ago, a former colleague contacted me to say something had come across her desk which had my name all over it. Of course I was curious, so I told her to send it my way. Two days later, a large envelope arrived and you can imagine my surprise when I opened it find four Vintage Vogue patterns! Talk about exciting!! It seems Spotlight were hoping for some media exposure for the Spring Racing Carnival.

Once I had calmed down a little, I took a closer look at my gift only to find the envelopes felt unusually thin. They were stuffed with loads of different fabric swatches but no actual patterns. Cheeky buggers!! Also, very few of the fabrics could actually be used to make any of the dresses, there isn't enough weight in them. On the positive side of things, I get a look at some of the fabric that will be arriving in stores this season...

 The samples with VV2401 are mostly stretch sateen but I'm not keen on their choice of prints, they seem too obvious a choice to me.

VV2903 has a couple of heavy weight cotton samples but the rest are tana lawn (cotton). Wrong!
I'm quite keen on the humming bird print though.

VV1136 has a printed stretch sateen and a couple of linens but the rest are light-weight cotton, totally unsuitable for this outfit.

Check out the retina-burning brightness of the floral prints which came with VV2960!!
Sadly, only the rose print sateen at the front would be do-able.

A bit disappointing all round really.


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  1. The prints look great but yes it is so disappointing to know they don't suit the style of the dress. I guess it just highlights how little choice we have here in Australia when it comes to buying fabrics (locally). And the few good stores we have a exceedingly expensive!


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