Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Garage Sale-ing

This weekend was pretty quiet, lots of domestic duties to be done, but I did get in a bit of garage sale-ing on Saturday morning. It was slim pickin' I'm afraid, but we did happen to stumble upon a fundraising trash & treasure. It was held in a local retirement community and I picked up some knitting patterns for the princely sum of 10 cents. Can you believe the lovely lady even offered to give me change?!

I was also very naughty and bought some more fabric for my stash - a retro-style print from the quilting fabric section. My local Spotlight store appears to clearing out some of the older quilting stock - there are so many awesome prints and they're all reduced to $4 per metre! All things considered, I was very restrained.

Regular readers will know I can't knit but I like to collect knitting patterns for hair & styling inspiration. Here are a couple of my favourite patterns from my new acquisitions:





Lastly, a very nautical Regina

- Tamara

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