Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Curls in Crisis

Now all my wedding sewing is finished, I've had more time to work on fun projects, but I've been too lazy to take any photos. The weather is looking good for the next few days so I hope to have a sewing post for you in the near future. For now, let's talk hair.

While I'm reasonably confident in setting my own hair, I really wanted someone else to style it for my wedding. You know how it goes - get pampered and preened by others and not have to worry about a thing. Originally, I'd wanted my hair to look something like this...

But, after the hair trial, it was apparent my layers were still too short to create a nice, smooth wave and my hairdresser wasn't up to the task of finger-waves. It was time for a rethink. I decided to go with something based on the '30s Fake Bob' which appears in Lauren Rennell's awesome Vintage Hairstyling book (p73). Sadly, the hairdresser's interpretation of the style wasn't quite what I was looking for,and with the day being so hot my curls had dropped in the 5 minutes it took to drive home. 
Photo: Indie Lane.
Thankfully, I have a large stash of pin curl clips and was able to rearrange the disaster into something resembling the hair-do I had envisioned. I also had the help of Kusco Murphy Setting Lotion to keep my curls in shape. It has really good holding power and the smell reminds me of something my Nanna used to use in my hair as a child. Does anyone remember Curly Pet?

Photo: Indie Lane.

With the clock ticking, I had less than an hour to allow my curls to set so I decided to leave them fully formed. Ordinarily, I would have liked to have brushed them out for a softer look, but I couldn't risk them dropping again. With some carefully placed bobby pins and a generous helping of hairspray, those babies were not going anywhere.

Crisis averted!
Photo: Indie Lane.

As you can see, the 'do is a long way from Kate Bosworth's sweeping wave but it's still got that vintage bride style. Oh, and I'm pleased to report, my curls lasted well into the wee hours.

- Tamara 



  1. I use the same setting lotion! Its great stuff - beats Lottabody any day. :-D
    Your hair looks great! Those celebrity does are always way more complicated than they should be dammit ;-)

  2. You look GORGEOUS! The hair is amazing. Shame your hairdresser wasn't much help though :( Great save on your part.

  3. Tamara,

    Your curls are/were and you are a gorgeous bride! Finger waves are nice, but not practical for most of us!

    Glad you achieved the look you wanted for your big day--and it lasted all day! :)



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