Wednesday, 31 August 2011

The Little Blouse That Could

A few weeks ago, the lovely Debi over at My Happy Sewing Place put out a call for votes on what to make for the Gatsby Summer Afternoon. She has a fantastic collection of 1930s patterns and had narrowed her choice down to five; four dresses and a blouse pattern which was to be worn with a simple 30s skirt. Debi is a super talented sewer so you know no matter what the poll result, it's bound to be amazing. While the dress which won is adorable (McCall 7403), I can't help feel the sweet little Art Deco blouse didn't get a fair go. Let's face it, it's not really in the league of the dresses but there is a certain charm about it.

During my fledgling years of sewing, I purchased Butterick 5268 from the Vintage Fashion Library. As you can see, it's marked as a beginners' pattern, just what I was looking for, and the cap sleeves were an unusual detail. Not being too confident in my skills, I found some cheap ($1 per metre) cotton at the local Spotlight so I wouldn't be too upset if I made a mess of it. 

It's been a good five years since I made this blouse so I'm a little hazy on the construction details, but one thing I do remember is not needing to interface the sleeves. As it turned out two layers of cotton were stiff enough to stick out all on their own, they really didn't need the extra help. Luckily I had extra material to recut a couple more. Due to my inexperience there were a couple of other issues but overall it was fairly simple and this blouse has become one of my favourites. I wear it a couple of times each summer, either with wide-legged pants or a wiggle skirt, and it draws a compliment every time.

Should I ever have the chance to make another one of these blouses, I think I'd go for something in a printed satin for evening wear. Devine!

- Tamara

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