Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Proud & Humble

This is not the kind of memento you'd hope for when you get to meet someone you admire...

In March this year, Irish rockabilly singer Imelda May was touring Australia and I had the opportunity to meet her while she was in Melbourne. One of the photographers where I worked was doing a photo shoot at the ABC Radio studios - a hop, skip & a jump from work - and, being a fan, I simply asked if it would be possible for me to tag along. Too easy!!

The day of the shoot, I had decided to wear an early 1940s chocolate brown skirt I'd made, with a purchased blouse (which fell apart after two wearings); I was looking quite the vintage chick. In fact, I was even complimented on my look - complete with hand wave - by a lovely fellow who offered to let me in the building to wait.

During the shoot, Imelda chatted happily about lipstick (MAC Ruby Woo is her preferred shade) and the ease of creating her trade mark quiff and our 15 minutes were gone before I knew it. Just before she jetted off to her next interview, she was gracious enough to autograph both my CDs and pose for some pics, which pleased me no end.

As we were getting our best fake smiles on for the camera, the photographer decided to tell Imelda May, a woman I have admired for several years, that I sew and had made the clothes I was wearing. While I was quick to distance myself from the blouse, I happily laid claim to the skirt. "Oh!" Imelda exclaimed, "Me Ma was a seamstress! Let's see how it's been finished." She then promptly bent down to check the hem of my skirt! Thank the Lord this skirt had been properly finished; it's fully lined, all edges have been overlocked (serged), and the stitches on the hem are all but invisible. Phew! Although, these days I bias bind all my hems, it gives a much neater finish.
So, the moral to the story dear Readers: Never, ever leave your garments unfinished, even if you think no one will see, because you never who might like to take a peek!

Thanks Imelda, you rock!!

- Tamara


  1. I got to see and hear Imelda May last week live here in Seattle, Washington (USA) and LOVED her, her dress (she called it her Bee Dress) and I informed my husband I was leaving him to run off with her bass player. ;-)
    So nice to see her here, I'm glad your hem was up to standards!

  2. I'm so pleased one of my readers managed to see her perform live, she's got an incredible voice.

    If you've a thing for the bass player, you might want to take a look at this blog:
    Just don't tell your husband. ;D


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