Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Some Boy Things

This weekend saw the 10th Annual Kustom Nationals take over Phillip Island and you guessed it - time for another car show!

My Sunday started at the ridiculous hour of 6am - I wanted to do my hair and we had a 3 hour drive ahead of us. It was a real struggle but at least there was the promise of dirty Maccas for breakfast to keep me going. As for the weather, it was true to form and bucketed down for nearly the entire trip. Things were not looking good but by lunchtime the sun broke through and more cars started to arrive.

After such a damp start to the day I had trouble finding the fun but at least this little guy was having a good time...

There weren't anywhere near enough 'vintage' cars for my liking but I did find a few Art Deco details to brighten my day...

Chevrolet Dash Clock

Pontiac Hood Ornament (detail)

Chevrolet Tail Light
One of the airbrushed beauties on 'Pinup'.

The next event  will be full of fancy show cars so I think I'm gonna skip it.


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