Friday, 3 August 2012

A Blast from the Past

Today's Fashionable Friday is brought to you by 'Wit Knits', circa 1985.

This fantastically bad knitwear book from the mid 80s came in to my possession just this morning - I found it at a local church op shop for one whole dollar. It reminded me so much of the 'Twisties' jumper from my childhood - the pattern was given away as part of a promotion for the snack food. Sadly, there are people who would wear some of these designs today, but to be honest, I took it home 'cause it made me laugh. 

Here are a couple of particularly ugly examples from the book; hope you get a giggle too! Feel free to add your own captions...

Have a good weekend one & all!

- Tamara


  1. I LOVE the chicken and egg sweater! Not the baggy shape, but the idea and colours. I could see myself wearing that, even if it´s just for the stares I´d get ;)

  2. As horrendous as the designs are today, I'm a bit amazed by the people modelling them- very well-known British actors of the era! John Inman, Richard Briers, Joanna Lumley, and others I recognise but can't put names to faces.


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