Thursday, 9 August 2012

Bombs Away!!

I am so excited!! Yarn bombing has finally found its way to Australia!
I had seen it about the Blogosphere a good 12 months ago but had never witnessed it in the wool. That was until a couple of weeks ago...

I spied these two colourful pieces buttoned to a pole in Williams St in Melbourne's CBD. 

These amazing pair of bicycle racks were found in a small side street just off Smith St, Fitzroy. I wish I could have gotten a better photo, there's a lot of work in these guys.

It looks as though the Yarn Bombers have been busy in Bendigo too. They've caused quite a stir; the local paper has featured several stories detailing their activities and it's even bring visitors to the city to see the 'tree-cozies'.

Photo: Facebook

Aren't they wonderful?!
It's such a great way to brighten the dull winter days.

- Tamara

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  1. How lovely, yarn bombing is such a cool concept and it really brightens a city up! I had the pleasure of getting involved in the yarn bombing in my city recently and it ended up looking amazing:


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