Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Cabin Fever Cure

The weather here has been less than inspiring of over the last week. It's been so grey and horrible all I've managed to do is curl up in the armchair and read. Fear not though, I have a couple of new projects in the works so it'll be back to sewing real soon.

Today Mdblm & I took a drive to Bendigo, roughly 1.5 hours from where we live, to buy wool. "Wow, long drive just for wool" I hear you say but the Bendigo Woollen Mills have the best wool around. At this point I should probably mention I cannot knit to save myself, but my recommendation comes from several hardcore knitters so who am I to question? One of these knitters has kindly offered to make me this really pretty vintage style sweater, provided I supply the wool.

Pattern from Vintage Knits

My chosen colour combination: (clockwise from left): Storm, Ghost, Oceanic and Brick
This is the most accurate pic I could get of the colours; Storm (purple) is to be the main colour; Oceanic (blue green) will become the red wave; Ghost (soft grey) is to be the black line; and Brick (red) will be the fine pinkish line under the red wave. I'm still having trouble picturing it but am confident the combination will rock.

As for the cure for cabin fever... It's colour!!! Just look at the pics below, I know the brightly coloured bundles of wool instantly lifted my mood.

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