Thursday, 28 July 2011

The Midnight Blues

This 1950s top, Simplicity 1625, is another UFO which has been hanging around for far too long. It's yet another work Christmas party garment (2009) which, although worn, wasn't quite finished. The neckline was too big and I hadn't shortened the waist (again) and being made of a remnant, I had neither the fabric nor the time to fix it. I ended up using a large, diamante brooch, pinned at the neck to bring the neckline up and hide the extra fabric in the band. It was a very clever fix and although lots of people commented on how nice I looked, I knew it was unfinished.

Simplicity 1625
This week I dragged out my bag of UFOs and unearthed this top; the shoulder seams were already unpicked and pinned, as were the armhole facings. I'd even sourced some near identical electric blue satin to remake the neckband. I honestly don't know why this top hasn't been finished before now, I can only guess that because it had already been worn, it slipped waaaay down the priority list.

Anyway, after 2+ hours of meticulous hand sewing last night, this top is now complete. It has been christened The Midnight Blues top in reference to the many hours I spent trying to get it finished the first time round.

 At the time I wore the top untucked (it's made to be worn either way) because I liked the lines it created with my super wide-legged pants.
This time round, I'm imagining it tucked into a sexy black satin wiggle skirt.
- Tamara

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  1. I think it looks lovely, and is really going to be super with that wiggle skirt, thanks for sharing!


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