Tuesday, 30 August 2011

To market, to market to buy...?


What a great start to the week, my new camera arrived yesterday! I've decided to upgrade slightly so I think it's gonna take a few days to figure out how to work it. I will read the instructions before using...

In other news, this Saturday was spent wandering around the local market in Kilmore. It's one of my favourites because it is quite small and while the traders rotate throughout the region each weekend, there is a man in Kilmore I can never find at any of the other markets. He always has interesting bits & pieces but I like him for his vintage knitting patterns. Sadly there weren't any on offer this weekend but I did score a few of his other treasures.

My meager haul consisted of two books, a jazz CD, a small box and some sewing notions. The CD will likely head off to the second-hand shop, it's a bit too brassy for my liking; one of the books is a memoir and the other...

Twentieth Century Teenagers by a Friend of Youth.
"Teen time is wonderful time! It can also be a trying time" states the blurb inside this little book by the Daughters of St Paul from the 1960s. It covers a range of issues facing the so-called modern teenager and with chapter headings like: How's your popularity rating?; Getting to know you better; Can you mix well without drinks?; Have you spotted the pros & cons of the "Gang"? I really couldn't go wrong for 50c. Plus, just look how cute the cover is!

Speaking of cute... Check out the graphics on this box for Original Mitcham Lavender
by Potter & Moore! So pretty.

And, leaving the most exciting find for last...

Six sequin & beaded flowers still on their original card! An absolute bargain at $5.

Oh, how I love our country markets.

- Tamara

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