Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Antiques Galore!

This weekend saw the Australian Antiques & Art Dealers Association Melbourne fair come to the Royal Exhibition Building.

Ordinarily, this not the type of event I would normally attend - potential for far too much stuffiness for my liking - but I managed to score a free double pass, which saved a whopping $40! There was an incredible array of things on show, the majority of it waaaay out of my price range, some beautiful art deco furniture and a disturbing number of animal 'artifacts' for sale. There was quite a bit of carved ivory and I even saw a giant tortoise shell fire-screen - it was quite an amazing piece, but when I think of the magnificent creature that once lived inside, it makes me quite sad.

On a brighter note, here are some of the shiny, pretty things that caught my eye:

1930s 'Mischief' by Saville miniature perfume bottle
with glass top hat casing and hat box.

A stunning Art Deco dresser & matching covered stool.
Some gorgeous green accessories for the dresser...

A jewelled celluloid dance purse

More sparkling beauties

A stunning Art Deco mother-of-pearl purse

All the above items, except the Mischief top hat perfume bottle, are available from Online Antiques. As their name suggests, they only sell online, but they have a booth booked for the Melbourne Love Vintage Show in a few weeks time if you're interested in seeing some of these lovely items in 3D.

And to finish, here's one of the more unusual pieces on display...

Antique Japanese tortoiseshell harikata (artificial phallus)
with accessories. C. 1800, Early Meiji Period.
Yes, that is what it looks like, an antique sex toy!! According to the limited information I could find, they were mainly used by geisha's as a masturbatory tool for their own pleasure or for their secret encounters with female lovers. Can you imagine how many oldies got a shock when they saw this nestled amongst their precious antiques? Fantastic!

- Tamara

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