Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Judgement Day

After all my new acquisitions last week, I'm proud to announce I have used two pieces of fabric from my stash in the last few weeks. You may recall the 'Ugly or Awesome' dress from a couple of weeks ago - the 1940s Vogue pattern to made from a crazy, vintage style fabric I'd been sitting on for a few years? Well, it's done and I still love it!

Here's a quick refresher of my pattern - Vogue 6044.

This 1940s dress has every thing I love about Vogue patterns - A simple design; clean, classic lines; and just look at the stylish darts at the shoulders. Wonderful!

Very few alterations were needed and I barely glanced at the instructions, it was that easy. That said, I am a full bust size smaller than my pattern and although I made allowances for the difference when I cut it out, there was still quite a lot loose fabric under the arms. No problem, I just took in the side seams of the bodice and cut off the excess.

Notice how the darts are nice and flat in the first pic and then in the above they're all wavy? I can't quite work out what happened there. I think I may have stretched the fabric while I was sewing the darts. I did unpick a couple and resew them but it didn't make much of a difference. I figure I can always tack them down if they bother me that much.

I made a bit of mess of the first button hole, - they're bound and I had to it three times before I got it right - I think that's why it sticks out a little at the top. A little press-stud should fix that.

As you can see, I'm pretty pleased with the result; Mdblm still hates the fabric.
What do you think? Is it ugly or awesome?

- Tamara


  1. Awesome - you have really transformed that fabric into something special! I don't think anyone would notice the pleats or button hole, I think we are all too picky on our own work.

  2. I think I lost my comment dammit! Oh well!

    Anyways- I think that dress is fab. We both share a love for the 40's patterns :-) The darts are nice! It could just be your fabric that is making it wobbly.

    Also - do you add shoulder pads to your 40's dresses? I didn't for my B&W polkda dot one but from then on I have. It makes a massive difference, even though it's quite subtle (well, if you make smaller pads ;-P)

    1. I do use small shoulder pads, but I'm finding I need to have to take in the under arms on patterns with the 'cut in one' sleeves.


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