Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Wild About Wool

Readers, I've been a very bad girl these last few days; despite being on an extremely frugal budget, I've been shopping again. It wasn't intentional, when I see a 'SALE' sign I just can't help myself.

Last Friday, I made a quick trip to Spotlight to find some buttons for a 1940s blouse I'm working on. I was short on time so I made sure to divert my eyes from the clearance table. But when my button hunt was unsuccessful, I figured I could fit in a quick rummage. To my delight, it had recently been restocked and was piled high with potential treasures.

With winter coats at the forefront of my mind, I quickly glanced over the printed cottons and other light-weight fabrics left over from summer - nothing there for me. Then I spied a large roll of dark navy wool which had been reduced to $6 metre. I could make a full length coat for less than $20! Let's see what else they have...

Over in the suiting section, I found the rest of the range and it too was reduced. It was too good a bargain to not take advantage - this stuff is 80% wool and normally $20 a metre - plus The Stash could do with a bit more wool. 

I now have 1.5m of each of the hounds-tooth and brown picnic blanket weave and 2.5m of the navy for a full length coat (fingers crossed!). I bought the red & black weave back in April when they had 40%. I dislike having to pay full price for anything.

My Marc Jacobs wool was also washed over the weekend and is now lovely and soft and whispering my name. I've a couple of patterns in my collection which might work but with only 0.8m to work with I'm likely to only be able to make a bolero with long sleeves. Is that a fashion faux pas - long sleeves on a short jacket? Here's the pattern I'm considering...

Simplicity 3463.
As for the other new pieces of fabric, I've a few ideas floating around in my head but nothing that's inspiring me enough to get cutting.

My name is Tamara and I'm a fully functioning fabric addict.
Are there any others out there? Put your hands up, there's no shame in it.

- Tamara


  1. I'm so jealous you've gotten wool on sale! My local spotlights only ever have novelty sheers etc on their sale tables.
    They look lovely!

  2. Darn it, now I know there is a Spotlight sale calling my name!! I have the same problem, go in to buy a zip, end up buying metres of fabric!


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