Wednesday, 29 August 2012

First Signs of Life

Apologies for the lack of communication over the last couple of weeks; I've been struck down with a severe case of the winter blues. Rather than whine online and bore everyone with my woes, I thought it best I take a break.
The weather here has been bitterly cold and wet, forcing me to spend my days inside, and not having worked for over 12 months isn't helping things either. I've also managed to injure my right shoulder - I'm right handed, of course - and my physio has suggested I cut back on the sewing and computer usage. These two activities occupy most of my days so with limited options at my disposal, I've been doing a lot of moping around feeling sorry for myself.
Things are finally looking up though; we've had some warmer days and I've started walking again - I try to do a 45 minute circuit around our estate everyday. I've really missed it. It's amazing how an hour of sunshine and a change of scenery can lift your spirits. Plus, spring is only days away and all the plants are beginning to wake from their slumber. There's colour everywhere and it's wonderful!

The last of the winter violets are barely hanging in there.
I adore violets, they remind me of my Granny.

The ever cheerful wattle tree with its little sunburst flowers
never fails to make me smile... and sneeze!
Speaking of sneezing, there's blossom flying around all over the place, just like little snowflakes without the dampness! Could be time to stock up the antihistamines.
And how about these brightly coloured snapdragons? Their peachy hue brings to mind a balmy summer sunset and the promise of warmer days ahead. Oh please do hurry up and get here soon.
I hope everyone is well and that these beautiful blooms have brightened
your day as much as they did mine.
- Tamara


  1. Hello from the Sonoran Desert in Arizona!

    Hope you're feeling better soon!

    I'd love to share some of our ever-present sunlight and heat with you! ;) We're all waiting for our version of autumn (90s instead of 110-ish) in a few weeks! Most of us are tired of the heat an humidity, although we did actually get a bit of rain this summer. :)

    Your flowers are gorgeous, so spring should be right around the corner for you!

    Hang in there!


    1. Thanks Taja! I think your thoughts to share some of your sunshine may have worked! The days here have become brighter, not to mention longer, and I'm soaking up every ray I possibly can.

  2. My dear, see an osteopath. My daughter is an osteopath and is a godsend for my arthritis! I've had strains and paions in the past and went to an osteo - it works!

    1. Oh Maureen, I too am a fan of the Osteo but she is at a loss with regards to my shoulder - as is my Physio & Actupuncturist - so it's time for a closer look. I'm off to get some scans tomorrow so hopefully I'll know more later in the week.


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