Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Button Bonanza - The Bounty!

As anyone who sews knows, the right buttons can really make an outfit. I'm currently working on a 1950s coat dress and went to Buttonfest hoping to find the perfect fastenings to finish it off - unfortunately I neglected to take into account I'd need fifteen identical ones. Large quantities of vintage buttons are a rarity (apparently), but I was lucky enough to find some buttons I could work with and they were only twenty cents each!
While I don't really have any projects in mind for the rest of my treasures, at five cents to one dollar a piece, they were too good a bargain to leave behind. Plus, you can never have too many notions in your stash.

Can you tell I have coats & jackets on the brain?
Some random black & reds...
For some reason, the pink & brown buttons at the front
make me think of ice cream.
The holes in the blue/grey buttons have been made on an angle which means when they're sewn on, they'll sit asymmetrically. I can't wait to use them! Oh, and the green buttons on the right are carved glass and were $1 a piece! Hello, 1930s blouse? 
And lastly, my favourite find of the afternoon,
pale blue glass with gold accents.
So pretty & shiny....
- Tamara


  1. Oh wow that is really the best haul ever! I was in Clunes/Ballarat on the weekend and couldn't make it. Really could do with stocking up on some buttons too! Do you find you always buy the same colours? I do!


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