Monday, 15 October 2012

Summer Lovin'?

I had hoped to do this post last week, but things got crazy 'round here - several unexpected visitors, evening activities and the like - and before I knew it, the week had disappeared.
Last weekend was the Summer edition of the Love Vintage Show, you may recall the winter show was held in mid-May. I hadn't intended on going this time, but the weather turned nasty and all outdoor plans for the weekend were abandoned. Plus, we had nothing better to do.  
Although I had been assured there would be more stalls at the Summer Fair, things really weren't all that different from the previous one. The sellers were all still crowded up one end of the building and there only seemed to be one or two new stalls. I don't know, maybe it's all starting to look the same. There were also some sellers who were super-protective of their merchandise with regard to taking photos - I was very nearly crash-tackled by one when I tried to snap a pic of a pretty dress! Poor form I say, it's never been a problem before.
Thankfully, not everyone was that militant...
An adorable take on the vintage poodle brooch by Erstwilder.
Gorgeous vintage inspired head wear by Dandy Long Legs.
More divine creations from Dandy Long Legs.
This compact/cigarette case combo almost makes me
 want to take up smoking, just so I can use it!
An original birdcage veil, still in its box.
A pretty green party dress. I would have liked to
have tried this beauty on, but we were on our way
out when it beckoned to me.
A timely reminder stationed next the change rooms.
While there were still lots of lovely things to look at and it was a pleasant day out, I don't think I'll bother to attend the next one. There were nowhere near enough sewing stalls!
- Tamara


  1. Oh bummer about the lack of sewing stuff! I didn't go either because the weather was rubbish and went to my friends house instead to hang out.

    It's all very expensive too - can never really justify buying vintage in Australia. The best place I've been to never holds stalls at these things and thats Red Ruby Vintage in Adelaide.

    1. Expensive it right! The one button/buckle seller I saw just confirmed how good a deal I got at Buttonfest. They were asking $30 for most of their buckles. Guess they had to cover their $600 stall fee somehow.

  2. Wowzers - $30 for a buckle! You may as well buy a belt for that much. Boo.


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