Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Market Wrap-up

Regular readers will know my stall at the Thread Den market was this Sunday. 
Sadly, it was a bit of a wash...

My little stall, just before packing up.

I arrived in North Melbourne a little later than intended and was still doing some setting up at 10am, not that it mattered, it was really quiet. It made for a long, slow day and some stall holders even left early. My blue pinup shoes (top right) attracted a lot of attention but there were no takers. I ended up selling a dress I had made - not the leopard print - and $50 worth of patterns, barely making a dint in my inventory.  

It wasn't all bad though, there was a cupcake stall selling bite-sized peanut butter cupcakes - oh buttery goodness - and a stall selling the cutest little 'tooth fairy' pillows. Here are a couple of my other favourite stalls... 

What a difference a clip makes!
Eliza Jane Clips are handmade here in Melbourne by a mother and daughter team, and are a cute way to make your shoes dazzle! With just one pair of clips you can completely change the look of many shoes. Clip on some beads, bows or roses and turn your day shoes to night in a snap!

Eliza Jane Clips sell at markets around the Melbourne area and are also available on on etsy - and they ship internationally!

Just look at all those belt buckles!! Being a 1930s fan, I was a little horrified to see them being used as brooches but there are some really adorable combinations here. Unfortunately, this lady doesn't sell online so keep an eye out for her at markets around Melbourne. 

Here are my purchases for the day: a decent sized piece of bright blue silk for $5 and an adorable wooden pinup girl brooch ($10). Just look how cute she is! The detail has been burnt into the wood using a heated piece of metal, an art form which is apparently called pyrography. it's so old fashioned, I didn't know anyone still did this! Surprisingly, this piece was done by a girl in her early 20s and she's very good at her craft.

Oh, and before I forget, thank you to the reader who came and said hello. I don't tend to get a lot of comments here so guess I never really thought I'd see anyone in person. It was a pleasant surprise! 

Hope you're all having a good week!

- Tamara

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