Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Happy Diamond Jubilee

It has been mentioned that although Australia has chosen to remain part of the British Commonwealth, very little has been arranged in the way of celebrations for our Monarch's Diamond Jubilee. Well, be that as it may, people are still making their own small patriotic gestures all over the place. 

Perhaps the 'Solar Queen' waving her gloved hand back and forth is not the best example of patriotic pride - I found it mildly amusing but also a tad disrespectful - but the rest of the window display more than made up for it. There were teapots of all shapes and sizes, several bowler hats and canes, and masses of bunting in British colours which were strung from one side to the other.

God Save the Queen indeed!

I hope all my UK readers are enjoying their extra long weekend and try to
Keep Calm and Have a Picnic!* 

- Tamara

*With thanks to The Scotsman sub-editors.

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