Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Almost Winter Green

You may have noticed I've been working on sewing my winter wardrobe of late and now the cold weather has finally arrived, I'm glad I got started early.

This 1940s day/afternoon dress isn't on my winter wishlist, but I'd found the perfect fabric and it just couldn't wait.

Butterick 4379-S

Several weeks ago, while on my quest to find the my ideal winter green, I came across some winter-weight ponti de roma in a lovely shade of emerald green and quickly snapped up a couple of metres for a dress. The fabric is mostly synthetic and has a bit of a plastic-y / chemical smell about it before washing, but it was really nice to sew and falls beautifully.

Once again, there was a whole lot of pin gathering goin' on in order to get the sleeves lovely and flat, but overall Butterick 4379-S lived up to its promise of being 'quick & easy'. It's about time too!!

Ordinarily, I'm not a fan of wearing long sleeves - I find I'm constantly pushing them up so I tend to stick with the short version - but I actually really liked how they looked on this dress. Plus, longer sleeves are generally warmer. So. in order to avoid the 'pushing up', I took roughly 1.5 inches off so the sleeve now finishes just below my elbow. Still warm, but out of the way. Problem solved!

I also really like how the simple, gathered loop detail livens up the front of the dress. At the moment, I've used a piece of velvet ribbon I had in my stash, but am thinking I might change it for a regular ribbon instead. The pile of the velvet has caused the ribbon to fold over, making the gathering appear  bulky, and it also stops the ribbon from moving smoothly inside the casing. The velvet does look classy though...

This dress is so comfy and warm; I think it's safe to say I've another sucessful addition to my winter wardrobe. Yay!!

- Tamara


  1. Wowza, that's a stunning dress and I adore that color on you. Thanks for including the pattern envelope as I really enjoy seeing how creations look on a real person vice the line drawing. This one looks much like the envelope!

  2. Oooh very nice! I agree with you on the sleeves. Nice trick with the cutting off just below the elbow. Think I will do that for my next dress..

    Where did you get the fabric from? Actually, where do you get ALL your fabric from? I'm always on the lookout for new places to shop. Particularly if they're bargains, cos I'm a scrooge, but still want natural fibres. Ha!

  3. Eep I think I lost my comment!
    Anyways - condensed version: lovely dress! Where do you get your fabrics? The green is awesome (coming from a fellow green lover).

    1. Hi Esz! This fabric was found at Lincraft in the city, but most of my fabric comes from Spotlight. Who'd a thought it?! I tend to like stuff that's not that popular with the masses and as a result it's often insanely discounted.

      Have you checked out The Fabric Store in Brunswick yet? I keep forgetting it's there so would be interested to hear your review.

  4. Very neat looking. It is so strange to look at winter clothes while it is going to be 116 Fahrenheit here today! I love the pairing of the tights with the dress. Very successful dress.

  5. Very, very vintage! I adore that color and the pattern is simply stunning.

    Thanks for sharing these pictures!

    Happy sewing,


  6. Oh this is so Maureen Ohara on you- nicely done!


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