Monday, 4 July 2011

Another one bites the dust!!

Saturday evening saw us seated in 'catwalk' seats at the early session of The Burlesque Hour.  Understandably I couldn't take any pics during the show but I managed to snap this one before the fun began.

The stage awaits...
I have been lucky enough to see The Burlesque Hour gals several times and they change the show slightly each time to keep things interesting. This year's show was considerably darker than usual but still entertaining. My favourite new addition to their repertoire was 'Homage to The Waterwall'. For those of you in Australia, the title does indeed refer to the NGV's water wall. Without giving too much away it involves a monologue recited to Prince's Purple Rain and a shower. Yes, I am prepared to get wet for art!!

Now on to my sewing project - Simplicity 1172. I'm pleased to announce I managed to complete this dress with plenty of time to spare. It could have something to do with the fact it was pretty much done when I unearthed it last week. Upon inspection I realised the only things I really needed to do were take 1" out of the peplum (and its lining) and hand-sew the sleeves. Easy done in no time at all and here's the result...

Ahhh, peplum blowing in the warm breeze of the heater.

This colour is difficult to photograph but it's a deep jewel-toned amethyst and is really comfortable to wear. As you can see, I stuck with my original decision to get rid of the sleeves and if you take a look at the pic below you can understand why. Hello Star Trek!

Cap sleeves - Beam me up Scotty!

While the fabric is incredibly beautiful, I wish I liked it more. I find it a bit ho-hum and not all that special to be honest. No matter, at least it's another UFO crossed off the list.

Happy Monday everybody!

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