Wednesday, 28 September 2011

We Will Rebuild

Wow! Is it Wednesday already? Where has the week gone?!

This weekend we had family visiting and the weather was wonderful (yet again!) so we took a drive to the near by town of Kinglake.

If the town of Kinglake rings a bell with some international readers, it could be because it featured prominently in the media during the 2009 Black Saturday bushfires. The Black Saturday bushfires were the worst in Australian history and the Kinglake fire was the largest of the many fires burning on Black Saturday, ultimately destroying over 330,000 ha (820,000 acres). It was also the most destructive, with over 1,800 houses destroyed and 159 lives lost in the region.

Two years on, the town is coming back to life with many people opting to stay in the area and rebuild their homes. While the trees still bare the scars of bushfire, they have sprouted huge, lime green afros which stick out every which way and the under-growth is thick with fern. The town is overflowing with community spirit, you can almost feel it, and appears to be well on the mend. 

This Sunday (25th) was the Kinglake Produce & Artisan Market, one of the two markets held in the town each month. The market was relatively small but had a variety of stalls; from people selling homemade preserves and sauces to a woodturner and hand spun wool. There were a couple of quirky stalls too. One woman was selling soap made to look like various types of cakes; Mdblm considered buying a yoyo to eat with his coffee until he realised they weren't in fact edible. Not to mention the biker looking dudes selling handmade Belgian chocolates. A little odd, but their chocolates were insanely good and their mint & raspberry is to die for!

Here are some pics of our day:

The poor old raddish was a slow seller.

An old-fashioned favourite...

A small selection of delightful but soapy cupcakes.

Fleece brought to you by Isabelle the Alpaca.

- Tamara

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