Thursday, 8 September 2011

'Cause Ninjas are cool!

Look what crept into my kitchen last night...

NinjaBread Men!!
I saw these adorable little guys online a while ago and managed to get my hands on a set during our Captain America outing. How cool are they?!! I just couldn't wait to make them. While I have several recipes I could have used, I'm ashamed to admit I used a gingerbread packet mix. After my recent baking disasters (Bastille Day Baking), I decided to take the relatively fool-proof option.

Be free little ninja!

I'm not a huge fan of icing so I decided to decorate my ninjas by drawing in the features with the edge of a spoon. Unfortunately I didn't take into account the fact that they would puff up when cooked...

This one looks more like a happy dancing Cossack than a super stealthy ninja.

Despite their lack of ninja-like qualities, they were a very tasty bunch and are welcome to sneak back into my kitchen any time.

- Tamara

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