Thursday, 23 February 2012

Dressed for Success

After my sewing slump a few week ago, I'm pleased to announce that things seem to be back on track and I've had quite a few successes.

On Sunday I sent some quality time with my quick-unpick (seam ripper) and dismantled the BurdaStyle wiggle skirt. While I had some more fabric, I decided to just unpick and recut the failed original, a much better idea. The skirt is rated for intermediate sewers but I found it very simple to put together and managed to complete it in an evening. But, that could have been because it was my second attempt.

I've also made a matching blouse from Burda 7576. Once again, really simple to construct and I was done in an evening. Oh yeah!!

As you can see, the skirt is a much better fit than my first attempt. If I were to make another one of these skirts, I'd probably cut it out a size larger, it's tight but surprisingly comfortable. As for the top, I'm not a huge fan but it serves its purpose. On the whole, the look is a little on the corporate side but the tail on the skirt gives it a nice bit of vintage styling.

And check out those angled darts in the back! Talk about form-flattering!
I just know I'm gonna be wiggling about all over the place in this sexy skirt.

How's your sewing going? Had any success stories?

- Tamara

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