Friday, 17 February 2012

Testing! Testing!

This week I have been working on an adorable wiggle skirt using a pattern I downloaded from BurdaStyle last month.
Stretch Pencil Skirt with godet
I was so excited to start this skirt - I had some dark navy stretch sateen which was perfect and the form-flattering darts leading into the godet would give me more of a reason to wiggle. Sadly, in my haste to get started, I neglected one major detail - the test square.

For those who haven't used a 'print at home' pattern, the test square tells you if your home printed pattern is to scale. The BurdaStyle standard is a 10cm/4" square - my printed copy had an 11cm square. You wouldn't think that 3/8 of an inch would make that much of a difference but it does.

No wonder I had so much trouble getting it to fit! It was ridiculously large and although I've taken the sides in at least an inch, and added an extra dart in the front - which I like - I still can't get it to fit. At least the back kinda looks like it should...

I've since been back to the copy shop and had the pattern reprinted to the correct size - it seems they needed to set it to print to the size of the PDF, rather than the paper. But of course! Thankfully, I have enough fabric to sew another one and I'm hoping to get some time this weekend to try again.

Have a good one!

- Tamara

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