Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Fans & Tease

This weekend was a complete write-off due to a big Friday night - funny how the older you get the longer a hangover lasts - but the previous weekend saw The Australian Burlesque Festival arrive in Melbourne. There were workshops and shows galore so I decided to take the opportunity to learn a new skill - Fans & Tease - a-la Sally Rand or Mona Vaughan.

Mona Vaughan
The workshop seemed to be directed more towards those wanting to perform but it was still fun. We learnt how to walk onto the stage - strut with loads of confidence; remove gloves seductively, including using your teeth - don't shove your fingers into your mouth!; and a short routine using basic fan techniques. My favourite by far was what I like to call the 'clamshell' - both fans opening to reveal the performer. I didn't get much of a chance to take photos during class but here are a few of the venue and some beautiful full-sized fans.

The Venue - Burlesque Bar, Johnston St, Fitzroy.

The gorgeous fans of Delores Daiquiri

Sadly, with two curious cats in the house, I don't think there'll be much fan dancing going on here!

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