Saturday, 25 June 2011

Tam Vs The Nemesis - Round 3

After my success with the welted pockets on the bust, the rest of construction was pretty much plain sailing. The side seams of the skirt matched the bodice side seams and the bodice zipper lined up with the skirt center seam. Woo hoo!! Oh, and I forgot to mention the dress is completely lined and the lining sits perfectly inside. The hand-sewing was a bitch but totally worth it in the long run, you can barely see the stitches!

Of all of the design features on this dress, I really love the center waist darts but the whole bodice is pretty special. One design feature which is not visible but is still cool just the same are the nifty little half-moon shaped pieces which were sewn on the shoulders to help them softly 'puff'' and not flop while you're wearing it. Clever, huh?!

So after all this time, here it is on the dress form but there'll be more pics of it in action in the next day or two.

The score: Tam - 2, The Nemesis - 1

I have conquered The Nemesis!!

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