Wednesday, 29 June 2011

This week's project

Greetings people!!

It's time for something new! Well, this week's project isn't exactly new, it's a dress I started for last year's work Christmas party. Despite staying up late every night working on it the week leading up to the party, it too was thrown down in disgust and I had to go with Plan B.

The problems I experienced with this dress were relatively minor but with the clock ticking they really slowed me down. First problem: I forgot to shorten the bodice to allow for my short torso so it sat badly at the front. The second problem: the cap sleeves. The petal shapes were so large once on the dress they looked like something from Star Trek! Off with the cap sleeves!! The problem which led to my meltdown the night before the party was only discovered at the last minute. The peplum frill was too long and when tied at the front they overlapped. Trust me, it looked terrible. Into the UFO pile for you Simplicity 1172!

Mdblm & I are off to see The Burlesque Hour this weekend so I thought it a good time to revisit this dress.

Wish me luck!!

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