Thursday, 2 June 2011

Tam Vs The Nemesis - Round 1

As mentioned in my first post The Nemesis is Simplicity 3162, a pattern I have owned since my early days of collecting. While I really like the cravat worn with style 2, it was style 1 which caught my eye. External angled darts on the waistline, a zipper front, welted pockets, and of course it had to be made in plaid, as suggested by the previous owner. When I came across this amazing green and brown plaid in the discounted pile at a Spotlight store, I knew I had found my fabric.

Perfect! Now all I needed to do was get on and make it.
Several years later inspiration finally struck and it was time for The Nemesis to come into being. The thing which scared me about this pattern are the welted pockets but there were plenty of easy bits I could work on first before worry about them. After laying out the pattern pieces to make sure I had enough fabric, I got to work. Each piece was meticulously checked and double checked to ensure the grain lines were going the same direction and the angles were consistent with the pattern markings. So far, so good. Cutting out progressed smoothly, with enough fabric remaining for use at a later date as accent or contrast pieces.
To begin all edges were overlocked (serged) to stop the fabric fraying, and makes for a much neater finish. I then marked out and stitched all bodice darts before joining the front and back skirt seams. It was here I hit a snag... The lines didn't match up!! Oh horror of horrors!

No matter how hard I tried I just couldn't get it to work so after a frustrating hour or so I threw it down in disgust. The Nemesis wins this round....

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