Thursday, 20 October 2011

The Helper Kitties

It has come to my attention that there are a lot of sewers in the blogosphere who are cat owners and with all the sewing I've been doing of late, I thought it a good time to introduce my Cornish Rex boys.


Marcel is the newest member of our family, he's nearly 8 months old and adorable as all hell. But don't be fooled, he's an absolute ratbag! Like all kittens, he gets into everything and often tries to grab the material as it's going through the machine. Talk about potential for disaster! The above pic was taken this afternoon while I was trying to finish my 40s blouse. Someone was trying to let me know it was time for food, but for this little guy anytime is food time, which made it quite difficult to get my hand sewing done.


At 6 years old, Flynn is the elder statesman of the family and is less than impressed with our new addition. While he is now far too mature to 'help' with my sewing, as a kitten he used to pull the pins out of my garments when left unattended (even for a second!) and could often be found sitting on top of the machine while I was sewing.  These days, our self-appointed security officer prefers to guard the equipment but the rustling of pattern pieces always gets his attention.

So readers, how do your creatures like 'help' with your sewing? Are any of them as curious as my boys? I'd love to hear your stories.

- Tamara


  1. Are these rex haired orientals? I LOVE THEM! I am "owned" by a pair of siamese--one wedge head (looks a lot like your kitties) and one apple head (looks more like a "normal" cat).

  2. They're actually Cornish Rex. I'm allergic to cat hair so were the perfect choice! I imagine your siamese are extremely 'helpful' too?

  3. Ooooh your kitties are just lovely!
    I have a DSH named Loki (terrible name for a cat, she lived up to it quite well!) who loves to lay on my quilts while I'm basting, on my fabric while I'm trying to cut, and anywhere else she can be in the way :)

  4. Help is a good word! Tai Tai, my male, likes to sit behind the machine and watch the needle go up and down. He's a bit too fascinated by the whole process.


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