Monday, 31 October 2011

A Soggy Sunday Picnic

This weekend was the 19th Annual John's Rod & Custom Picnic, held at Lardner Park, Waragul - don't ask, it's in the middle of nowhere. With this being the second one of these events in as many weeks, it was all a bit same ol', same ol' to me. However, having a hot rod lovin' other half means I just have to deal with it. And here's how...

He sees a 1932 Ford Pickup Truck.... and COFFEE!!
I see a cool old truck selling take-away coffee and sporting some funky, retro signage.

He sees 1928 Ford jalopy...

I see her adorable 'Memphis Belle' pinup art.

You get the picture!
Here are some more of the arty design features I spied...

Metallic candy apple scallops and hood ornament, 1957 Chevy (detail).
Early 1950s 'Single Spinner' Ford, hood ornament and pinstripe detail (black)

Rambler Royce bonnet detail and indicator lamp.

Early 1950s 'Single Spinner' Ford, hood ornament detail (red)

Thankfully, that's it for cars for a while.
Happy Monday everyone!!

- Tamara

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