Thursday, 13 October 2011

Sweet Blog Award

I am still having trouble uploading images so I thought I might give this a try instead.

The lovely Nabby over at This Old Life has sent me the Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award and along with the award, I have to share seven random facts about myself. Here goes...
  1. I am the proud owner of an early 1980s Italian sports car and although it has been a drain on my finances over the years, I wouldn't drive anything else. In fact, I'm heading off to drive around the Victorian countryside for the bi-annual Lancia rally this weekend.
  2. As a teenager I raced BMX - yes, I was a BMX Bandit! My entire family raced (step-father, two brothers & my sister) but as a teenage girl from a small country town, it was the perfect excuse to meet boys.
  3. Currently, my favourite TV shows are Being Erica & Psych. They were both on free to air for a short while but I've since had to get them on DVD to watch the newer series.
  4. I have an intolerance to yeast. I am supposed to eat foods which don't contain anything fermented to avoid what I like to call 'the alien baby' (bloated stomach) but I'm really bad at it. It's surprising just how many yummy things contain yeast. 
  5. Regular readers of my blog will have noticed I adore the Art Deco aesthetic. I love the sweeping lines and attention to detail in the architecture, the furniture the cars and of course, there's the fashions.
  6. I have never been a Tammy. My name is often shortened to Tam by people who know me well but I'm usually called Tamara. Plus, Tammy is far too girly which is definitely not me.
  7. I am a proficient juggler of the rings, balls & clubs.
And there you have it!!

The other component of this award is for me to pass it on to other blogs but I feel it's too much like a chain letter so am going to skip that part. Hope that's OK.

Keep your fingers crossed my image uploading issue will be sorted real soon, I've been sewing up a storm and am keen to share my successes.

Until next time...

- Tamara

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